The Ultimate Persuasion Technique

Have you ever sat down, closed your eyes, and really looked at yourself or your product through another person’s eyes? Have you in your mind, literally become your customer, or your partner/lover/mate, and looked hard at yourself or your work through their eyes? Can you do it? I hope you can, because It is one of the most powerful techniques for getting what you want, that has ever been thought up/discovered.

The people who have the power to really look at their work through another person’s eyes, have an incredible advantage in virtually all business and personal situations.

If you can get good at doing this, you will likely see your business and personal situations dramatically improve.

Many people “think” they see their product or service through their prospects eyes. They think that when they are looking at their sales letter or website, that they can do this. But really, they are still looking at their work filtered through their own feelings, attitudes and background. You have to remove “you” from the picture entirely.

Many millionaires and billionaires have confirmed in public and in published writings, that they have used this strategy to help build their wealth.

From now on, do the best you can to picture situations through the other person’s eyes, because if you can use this very powerful persuasion technique effectively, there’s not much that you won’t be able to accomplish.

To do this right, you must completely remove “I” from the equation. Set your own feelings, thoughts and attachments about your work a aside, so that you can clearly see things from the other person/people’s perspective/perspectives.

When you do that, you will know how to write irresistible ad copy, you will know how to create websites that people instantly understand, want to visit, and most importantly, want to buy from. You will know how to make yourself 10 times more attractive to your women/your girlfriend/your wife or men/your boyfriend/your husband, and much more! Test it for yourself, and I bet you will be amazed by the results!

Yours in success,

Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

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