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The #1 Secret In Sales by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

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Everybody wants a better life. We all want to be rock stars, movies stars, models, never age, always have the answers, be a leader, be millionaires and live the high life. The #1 secret in sales is to use that information about people to your advantage.

Make every pitch and close a better life pitch. While everyone else is pitching the same old same old you get to fly right over the same old same old and hit the prospect with exactly what they want- A better life! We all want a better life. Very few sales professionals sell their product and/or service as a bridge to a better life. Any product or service can be sold as a better life product.

You can take old products that didn’t sell the first go around because they were pitched the wrong way and you can bring them back to life. You can take current products and sell more of them. You can sell just about anything if prospects associate your product with them getting a better life.

Right now, as I write this, the Marvel comic hero Iron Man is huge. Anything that has Iron Man on it is selling like hot cakes. Why is everything relating to Iron Man selling like hot cakes? Because deep down we all want to be like Iron Man. Iron Man is rich, smart, rich and a hero. Women want to be with him. Men want to be him. Kids want to be like him when they grow up. We think we can do that if we buy Iron Man products. Sales and marketing companies know this, so they do this with models to sell skin cream. Use actors to sell clothes and on and on. And on. One area people rarely use this better life concept is in person to person sales. 

Find as many ways as you can to turn your product or services benefits into benefits that will greatly improve your prospects life and make them feel better about themselves. If you can do that you will sell more products than your factory can make. Steve Jobs at Apple made the personal computer that already existed cool, fun and revolutionary. Then everyone wanted one or two. Why do women buy a specific form of make up when they all basically do the same thing? Because they think the makeup, they buy will improve their life by making them look better and younger. The product or service with the best better life pitch wins. You can better life up any product!

Think about how you can do sell your product as a better life creating product or service. Consumers have proven they will buy anything they think will greatly improve their lives. Look at plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is expensive, it hurts, it takes a long time to recover and you might not even get the result you wanted. Once you know how to turn your product or service into a better life product pitch not only will you sell more but you can raise prices.

As many of you know, I used to sell oil drilling investments. Oil drilling investments are very high-risk ventures, but you can make a lot of money. The company’s sales were average when I arrived. Once I figured out how to better life up drilling investments the sales numbers went through the roof. I figured out a way to turn oil investments into a better life pitch. Instead of pitching the investments as, “Oh you can make money hopefully” I pitched the concept of selling the dream. Selling investors on the concept of getting into the same types of investments that people like John D Rockefeller and J. Paul Getty, the men who became the richest people in the world made. I started pitching the potential lifestyle of the wealthiest oil investors, and that they could potentially become rich/richer, and live the high life. Suddenly sales skyrocketed. There is a big picture better life concept for every product and service. You just have to find it.

The Ultimate Persuasion Technique –

Finding creative ways to share the features and benefits of your products and/or services with potential customers, is just smart business.

False advertising, lying, and/or fudging the truth, will likely get you into a lot of trouble, and it should! Never lie about the features and/or benefits of the products and/or services that you are selling.

If you lie to sell and you don’t get caught, you may not see the consequences of your actions right away, but you will eventually, through declining sales, bad word of mouth, lawsuits, etc.

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