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The Holy Grail of Value Investments

Oil & Gas Drill Ship

When markets overreact, investment opportunities arise that under normal market circumstances would not occur. For instance, sometimes stocks across the board in a particular sector will all go down. Certainly not every company in a sector, from blue chips to penny stocks deserves to all go down at once.

If an entire sector of stocks go down, including the high quality blue chip stocks, just because they’re in a particular sector, a situation can occur where it’s possible to buy high quality blue chip companies that have gone down, just because they’re tied to a sector that has had a big sell off. When that happens, it’s possible to buy high quality blue chip stocks for less than their value. You see, in the short term, stocks and other investments go up and down in value, sometimes trading significantly above or below their actual value.

As Warren Buffett often says- “Over the long term the price of a stock will be accurately reflected, but in the short term stocks can trade irrationally higher or lower than there true value, creating excellent investment opportunities.”

Crude oil is a valuable world commodity. It’s not going away and demand continues to increase. Opportunities don’t get any bigger than the one in oil right now. For savvy investors, this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to reap windfall profits. If you have some risk tolerance and you’re an accredited investor, oil well investing can lead to some pretty big economic returns and tax benefits.

“When do you want to buy something? When its low. Nobody wants to pay $20 for a gallon of milk when they go to the grocery store. Oil is a commodity, just like milk. It’s not going away. It’s here to stay and investors are getting a ton of bang for their buck in oil investments right now.” Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – Founder & Owner – Masters of Money, LLC.

Right now is a great time to get involved in oil. Prices are extremely low compared to long-term demand and when prices are low, it’s cheaper to drill. If you can drill a well for a much lower cost than in normal market conditions and produce the oil when prices rebound, it’s a double score.

For accredited investors with some risk tolerance, oil and gas investments can provide the potential profits and tax deductions that very few investments can offer.

Resource Riches Through Oil Wells –

Risk disclosure: *All investments involve risk. Before making any financial or investment decisions, we highly advise that you seek the advice of a properly licensed and trained investment professional.

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