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The Entrepreneur Quick Start Guide

Step One: Mindset Matters

How important is mindset? Some would argue that this is the most important tool that an entrepreneur has at his or her disposal. That’s because no matter what kind of business you’re in, whether you succeed or not has nothing to do with luck, is not dependent upon the skills you have, nor will any of the other myriad of factors effect your business faster than having a negative mindset.

Step Two: Evaluate Your Skills & Advantages

The second thing, or rather the first thing if you don’t count changing your mindset, is to decide what sort of skills and advantages you have that are going to help you with your entrepreneurial venture. The skills and attributes can help inspire you to figure out a product or service that you can provide that will bring you success. You will have a much greater chance of being successful if you do something that you’re passionate about.

Step Three: Know & Improve On Your Weaknesses

Your next task is going to be evaluating your weaknesses, in much the same way that you did with your strengths and advantages. You need to be familiar with your disadvantages so that you can allow for them in your business. For example, if you are not very good at managing your time, and you’ve always had a problem in the past with keeping a schedule, you’re going to want to solve that problem before you start your entrepreneurial journey.

Step Four: Set Goals

A lot of entrepreneurs jump right in and start setting goals without really being prepared to accomplish them. That’s like a book author who starts writing without some sort of an outline.

Set short-term and long-term goals that are achievable, but that also challenge you to be and do your best. If you want to set huge, nearly impossible to achieve goals, that push you to your limits, you can do that to, but if you are the kind of person that will be discouraged if you don’t hit them, stick to achievable goals that will challenge you, and keep you motivated, but won’t discourage you, if you don’t hit them.

Step Five: Focus on Your Success

The next step in our plan involves some of the things that you’re going to do mentally, to ensure that you achieve success. How do you keep your eyes on the prize? That’s exactly what step five is all about.

What motivates someone else, might be completely different then what motivates you. Visualize your result and find some way to remind yourself of it daily.

Keep track of your progress in some easy to read form, so that you can look back and see all of your successes. After a while, the feeling of reaching a goal will be forgotten. But, if you keep a record of it, you’ll be able to go back and see all the things that you’ve accomplished so far, which will motivate you to keep going.

Step Six: CANEL- Constant And Never Ending Learning

Try to learn something new every day that will help your business. You can do this a myriad of different ways. You always want to feel as if you’re moving forward, and the more momentum that you can build up, the faster you can travel on the road to success!

By following these simple steps, and nothing should be able to prevent you from achieving the success that you’ve always wanted and being the kind of entrepreneur that everyone wants to be!

“Enjoy the good times. Push through the bad/hard times. Take the memories with you from the good times, and take the lessons with you from the bad/hard times.” Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – Founder & Owner – Masters of Money, LLC.

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