The Best Type of Content For Blogs

What is the best kind of content for blogs? The answer is, it depends.

There are 2 different major types of content. evergreen content and topical content.

1. Evergreen content

Evergreen content is content that is always relevant, much like the way evergreen trees retain their leaves year around. Interesting and relevant content that does not become dated is necessary in order to be found online by search engines.

2. Topical content

Topical content is timely, relevant content that relates to something current. The obvious advantages to this type of content are that it’s of-the-moment and usually, highly searchable.

While topical content is great for achieving a temporary spike in traffic, it tends to have a fleeting appeal. Depending on the topic, you’re likely to see the levels of traffic a topical piece generates decrease as time passes.

Additional helpful blogging content notes:

Whether your blog has evergreen content, topical content, or a combination of both, your blog can be successful.

There are many keys to creating a successful blog, but there is one common theme among all successful blogs, and that is good content.

Putting out good content on a regular basis is a must, if you want to build a successful blog.

Make sure the content you post/distribute, is informative and easy to understand.

Focus your content on helping your audience to achieve their desired goal/objective.

Whether you’re just starting out as a blogger, or you’re a seasoned pro, I would like to wish you the best of luck with your blog/blogs.

Building a successful blog is a lot of hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun, very profitable, and truly life changing.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you have a good attitude, you are open to learning, and you go about it in the right way, it is not only possible to build a successful blog, but you can build a successful blog.

How successful, and how profitable of a blog you build, is up to you, but I can tell you this….The skies the limit!

Yours in success,

Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson
Founder & Owner of Masters of Money, LLC.

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