The 4 Types of Blogs & How To Make Money Blogging

The 4 Types of Blogs & How To Make Money Blogging:

The term “blogging” refers to the act of authoring, maintaining, and adding an article(a post) to an existing blog.

The term “blogger” refers to a person or a group who maintains a blog/blogs.

Bloggers can typically be categorized into 4 main groups:

1. Personal bloggers: Focuses on a diary or on any topic that an individual feels strongly about.

2. Business bloggers: Focuses on promoting products and services.

3. Organizational bloggers: Focuses on internal or external communication in an organization or a community.

4. Professional bloggers: Makes money blogging in one or more methods.

Pro-blogging, or professional blogging, refers to blogging for a profit. Pro-bloggers are people who make money blogging for a living.

Here are 10 ways that pro-bloggers make money/generate income/revenue from blogging:

1. Advertising programs

2. RSS advertising

3. Sponsorship

4. Affiliate programs

5. Consulting and speaking

6. Blog network writing gigs

7. Business blog writing gigs

8. Non blogging writing gigs

9. Flipping blogs

10. Donations

The following are a few things that you need to consider if you want to be a successful pro-blogger:

1. Be patient

Pro-blogging requires a lot of time and effort, not to mention a long-term vision.

2. Know your audience

Targeting a specific audience or group is a key to building a readership.

3. Be an expert

Focus on a specific niche/topic and strive to be one of the top blogs/the top blog in that niche/topic.

4. Diversify

Experiment with various ad and affiliate programs that enable you to generate additional money.

5. Don’t bore your readers

Focus on the layout, make sure that your blog is easy to navigate, and user friendly.

With the right attitude, effort and focus, it is possible to earn a part-time income, a full-time income, and even possible to become a millionaire from blogs and blogging.

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