The 4 Key Marketing Principles of a Business

The 4 Key Marketing Principles of a Business:

1. Value For Money

The reader feels and thinks he or she is getting their money’s worth. This is a vital marketing principle to boosting your sales. If this objective is achieved then you have essentially done all the hard work, convince your prospects that the product you are offering them is worth substantially more than the price your selling it at.

2. Uniqueness

Some of the most effective advertisements are those that are original, captivating and distinctive. The more unique and captivating message that you are able to convey, the more likely that consumers are to respond positively. Creating mailing lists, email lists, growing your online follower base, and newsletters, is also another key marketing principle of effectively establishing yourself/your business, while building rapport with your customers/future customers.

3. Relevance

Make sure when you market a product, that you supplement it with a tightly focused offer. Having an offer that relates specifically to your product/service is a very effective marketing principle of establishing credibility.

4. Desirability

Something can be great value for money, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers/customers want to buy it. Creating a desirability for your product/products/service/services, is a key ingredient to successful marketing/generating sales.

“You might not always be on the exact same page as your client, but as long as you are in the same chapter, the deal can still get done.” Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – Founder & Owner – Masters of Money, LLC.

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