The 3 Winning Sales Strategies You Can’t Market Effectively Without!

1. Attention-Getting Ads
How many ads do you see and hear every day? Consumers are bombarded with ads on the internet, in magazines, newspapers, on TV, radio billboards, and more. Out of all the ads that you see, how many of them stand out from the crowd? Some do. Most don’t. So, how do you make your ads stand out?

Here are 4 ways to make your ads stand out, and grab consumers attention:

1. Make a dramatic statement
2. Surprise them with the something unexpected
3. Ask a thought-provoking question
4. Use bold high impact headlines

2. Shock and Awe Them
Customers like to know they are not just a number to you. They are a customer with individual needs and individual tastes. Anytime you get a chance to make a customer feel special, do it. Good/special experiences create happy customers, repeat customers, referral customers, and word of mouth advertising.

Shock and awe is the little bit extra effort the average company laughs at. Let them laugh, while you are depositing big checks at the bank.

3. Paint a Picture
Ah, the end of a hectic week has finally arrived! As I lock the doors on a still cluttered office, my mind wanders to the many things that will demand my attention this weekend. I long to just escape the demanding voices and escape to the waters of the lake across town. It would be like heaven to plop myself across the back seat of a boat and watch the sea gulls dip and dive as the waves rock me peaceful to sleep. Put your customers on the boat!

Painting a picture with words that captures customers emotions, is way more effective than just going over the features and benefits of your product or service. Describe the features and benefits of what your product or service will do for them but do it through painting a picture of what their lives will be like, if they buy your product or service.

The strategies we’ve talked about on this post, deal with human emotions and behaviors, rather than just the product or service itself. By using the 3 winning sales strategies mentioned on this post, your sales are likely to skyrocket!

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