The 5 Types of Seller Profiles

Request: MJ! I miss the System training and I miss working with you man. I have a new sales job now. I was wondering if you still have the 5 types of salesmen training from 4 or 5 years ago? It would be very useful for me to have. My wife and I would love to take you and your significant other out to dinner sometime. You changed my life MJ. Thank you. MG
Reply: I’m glad I could help. I enjoyed working with you as well. Malia and I would be honored to break bread with y’all. Per your request, here are the 5 Types of Seller Profiles.

– The 5 Types of Seller Profiles –

1. Presenter
(Approximately 30% of the sales population)

Pros- They try to be very knowledgeable about what they are selling. They try to take all of the information they have and share it with the prospect, to show they know what they are talking about. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Cons- They can only sell to prospects that are just like themselves. They usually have to work extremely hard to accomplish their sales goals, because they can only sell to a limited group.

2. Promoter
(Approximately 30% of the sales population)

Pros- This group can hype the shit out of anything and everything they need to sell! When they are excited and up, they can usually move a lot of product.

Cons- Extremely emotional! They usually complain a lot. They usually only know the benefits of the product and have almost no other knowledge of the product, other than how to hit on the benefits of it.

3. Sales Professional
(Approximately 30% of the sales population)

Pros- They are almost always on time. They are very well liked. They usually perform slightly above average. They ask good questions, work hard, have strong product knowledge, and work well with others.

Cons- They struggle like hell to move into the Closers category. They spend a lot of time being liked by others. They are easily persuadable by anyone who sounds like they could help them in any way.

4. Closer
(Approximately 9% of the sales population)

Pros- This group is exactly who you want on your sales force. They can sell just about anything to anyone, anyplace, anywhere, anytime. They want to be successful very badly and they are willing to play most any role to get what they want. Closers are also usually very educated and/or street smart.

Cons- Closers have a pretty good closing rate, but still miss some of the sales that could be had by Master Closers.

5. Master Closer
(Approximately 1% of the sales population)

Pros- This is one hell of a special group. They can do just about anything they put there mind to, and they know it. They are the cut throat, take no prisoners, win everything all the time group, if they want to be. They usually keep to themselves unless they want something. These individuals tend to get exactly what they want and pretty darn close to when they want it.

Cons- There are none. If these people are focused on something, they have to make a huge, glaring, blatantly obvious mistake, in order not to make a sale. As a matter of fact, sometimes they make mistakes on purpose, just to prove to themselves they can fix it.

These people are tremendously socially awkward. They usually have a ton of problems in their personal lives, because they can’t turn off their ability to get exactly what they want. They can’t communicate with normal people very well, because their minds work so quickly, and most people bore them to death.

Master Closer Additional notes-
Master Closers are tremendously aggressive, whether it be in your face or passively. Since this group often times can think 10 steps ahead of anyone they are talking to, they usually have to do something to slow themselves down while they are talking to you. It is usually some type of a counting type of ADD process, or they change topics often to see if you can keep up, or make 50 points at once so they can kill a topic and move move on to the next thing, because they are bored.

Master Closers are also usually late to everything. That said, no one cares, because they know whatever time the Master Closer shows up, shits going to get done!

Master Closers can also spot other Master Closers. Since Master Closers can spot each other, they usually stay clear of each other, unless they have to compete, or want to. When two Master Closer types compete, stay completely clear of the situation, because they are likely to destroy everything in their pathes, and leave no casualties.

These folks are chameleons and know exactly how to get you to do whatever the hell it is they want. Never underestimate them!!!

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