The 3 MJ The Terrible’s: Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson & Michael Johnson

Question: MJ, I came across your website’s when I was having a debate with somebody about who was a better ball player, Michael Jordan, or Lebron James. I found out Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson had the same nickname as you, “MJ The Terrible”.

Did you know Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, and you, all have the nickname “MJ The Terrible”?

Did you use the nickname “MJ The Terrible” as a marketing gimmick, to get name association with the other 2 MJ The Terrible’s?

They did come along before you, and have the nicknames first. Different industries though. You guys are “The 3 MJ The Terrible’s”.

Love your stuff man. Keep putting out the great info. Because of the post you did about making money as an Amazon affiliate, I signed up. So far so good. I have already made over 3 grand. Thank you for all that you do. Joe Albaugh Albany, New York

Answer: Thank you for the questions and compliments Joe! I am happy that you signed up for the Amazon Affiliate Program. I think it is one of the best ways to make money online as an affiliate, if not the best way to make money online as an affiliate.

I love what I do. It is a great feeling to be doing well, by doing good.

I did not know Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson also had the “MJ The Terrible” nickname, until recently.

As an entrepreneur, sometimes you get lucky breaks, and sometimes you don’t. In this case, having the “MJ The Terrible” nickname association, with Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson, was a lucky break.

People have been calling me MJ for years. The “The Terrible” part, came together through the combination of the computer virus I was rumored to have created, that was responsible for a large scale international incident, and my son was 2 years old at the time, an age that is often referred to as “The Terrible Twos”. Put those 3 things together, and people started calling me “MJ The Terrible”.

My two cents on the Michael Jordan or Lebron James debate. It is a tough choice. I grew up watching Michael Jordan, but I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio, where Lebron James was born and raised. I enjoyed watching Michael Jordan play back in the day, and I enjoy watching Lebron James play now. I am not sure who is better, but I am damn sure glad they both have played the game of basketball.

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