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5 Tips To Getting Started Blogging For Money

5 Tips To Getting Started Blogging For Money: Blogging for money is not rocket science. It is a straightforward proposition. You set up a blog about a topic you are interested and/or know something about, you write/blog about it, and sell advertising based on your topic/niche/audience. 1. Select Your Topic/Niche Even if you know everything about everything, including rocket science,…

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Business, Making Money, Marketing, Sales

5 Tips To Make Your Blogging More Effective To Make More Money

This blog post outlines essential tips that you can use to make your blogging more effective, drive more traffic to your blog/website, and earn more money. 1. Blog regularly. This is a very important factor that determines how successful you can be in driving traffic to your website through blogging. You must blog at least once per day. Serious internet…

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