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11 Powerful Proven Strategies To Grow Your Social Media Following

If you are promoting a product, service, public figure, personality, business, political campaign, organization, or you are trying to raise awareness for something that you believe in, the internet/social media, can be a game changer! Here are “11 Proven Strategies To Grow Your Social Media Following”: 1. Follow all of the important/well known individuals, organizations and companies, in the industry/niche/topic,…

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5 Of My Favorite Universal Fill In The Blank Press Release Headlines You Can Tweak & Use For Your Company Product or Service – Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

1. (company name here) Launches Next Generation (product or service here) 2. (company name here) Introduces The Future of ___________ I left this blank because their are so many options with this one. Just about anything will work with this one. Have fun with it! 3. (company name here) Reveals The Next Big Thing in The (industry here) Industry/Business 4.…

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18 Powerful Ways To Use The Word “Free” In Your Ads To Grow Your Business

18 Powerful Ways To Use The Word “Free” In Your Ads To Grow Your Business Consumers/people love free stuff, so it only makes sense that using the word “Free” in advertisements makes sense. The word “Free” gets people’s attention, which is what advertising is all about. Here are 18 powerful ways that you can use the word “Free” in your…

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Using Press Releases To Advertise
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Press Releases: One of The Most Overlooked Free Advertising Methods

Why would anyone in their right mind pass up an opportunity for free advertising? The answer is, you shouldn’t! That’s why you need to learn the careful art of press release writing and submission. The press release is the perfect tool for free publicity. Most people know that non-profit and community service organizations are capable of getting free publicity by…

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Promoting Your Ebook On Amazon.com

With the extremely popular Amazon Kindle devices in high demand and growing in popularity, creating and selling ebooks gaining momentum like never before. For Internet marketers, publishing and selling ebooks on the Amazon Kindle is a fantastic money making opportunity. But oftentimes, promoting your ebook can seem a daunting and intimidating task. Where do I promote my ebook? How do…

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