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Promoting Your Ebook On

With the extremely popular Amazon Kindle devices in high demand and growing in popularity, creating and selling ebooks gaining momentum like never before. For Internet marketers, publishing and selling ebooks on the Amazon Kindle is a fantastic money making opportunity. But oftentimes, promoting your ebook can seem a daunting and intimidating task. Where do I promote my ebook? How do…

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10 Powerful Communication Improvement Tips

10 Powerful Communication Improvement Tips “Communication and communication strategy is not just part of the game, it is the game.” Oscar Munoz 1. What You KnowEducation is all about learning the basics, but to be an effective speaker is to practice what you’ve learned, and share what you know. 2. ListeningIt’s just as important as asking questions. Sometimes listening to…

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Joe Kinlaw’s Superstar Sales Training Audio Book Disc 3 (Transcript)

Okay, I’m back.  Now did you hear any empathy on the part of the salesman?  Well no.  Did you hear the prospect attempting to feel comfortable about the investment?  To feel comfortable about the pending purchase?  Well, what actually happened, this conversation went on for some time with no improvement.  A senior manager of the company contacted this prospect, a…

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