How To Have Self Confidence In All Areas of Your Life (2 of 3)

How to use your power to discover your own answers: Start with meditation. Meditation will help you reflect on questions. Use rumination as to contemplate, and to consider the problems you face. Use your cognitive thinking to develop your creative abilities and deliberate through each question until you discover answers to your question. When you learn to meditate daily, it…

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Network Marketing II

Network Marketing – Selling Information The invention of the internet has created a vast global market place. It’s possible to sell everything from cars to toys to DVD’s and more. Another item that you can sell online is information, and that’s probably the most valuable commodity of all. The creation and marketing of information has never been easier, cheaper or…

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Does Masters of Money LLC and Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson Do Paid Endorsements For Products and Services?

Masters of Money LLC and Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson will do paid endorsements for a company, organization, product and/or service, but the company, organization, product and/or services, must meet our strict endorsement criteria. We believe that our readers/followers/customers/clients, put their trust in us to provide valuable, timely, and useful information/content/products/services/recommendations/endorsements, and we will not betray that trust, under any…

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Over 5,000,000 Quote Pictures

The following are links to over 5,000,000 celebrity, health, wealth, business, inspirational, motivational, educational, fitness, wisdom, and success quote pictures. Enjoy! Steve Jobs Picture Quotes Collection – Winston Churchill Picture Quotes Collection – Celebrity Picture Quotes Compilation (1 of 2) – Celebrity Picture Quotes Compilation (2 of 2) – Albert Einstein Picture Quotes Collection –…

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For Entrepreneurs: How To Translate “Hater Speak”

It can be hard for the haters and the entrepreneurs/dreamers/doers to understand each other, so I thought it might be a good idea to help translate- Grandiose Ideas = Visionary He/she is schizophrenic. = Multitasker capable of compartmentalizing. Nobody but him/her thinks this hair brained scheme is going to work, but he/she just keeps working on it. = Committed He/she…

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Guest Posting On

We receive a lot of requests to do guest posts on our various websites and social media pages. We do allow guest posts, both paid guest posts, and free guest posts, depending on the situation. If someone sends us a post/article they wrote, and we feel that it would be beneficial to our readers/followers, then we will post it for…

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