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How A Millionaire Manages Money

If a person doesn’t know how to manage a million dollars, I virtually guarantee that the money will quickly disappear, if a millionaire wrote a non-millionaire, who is not well versed in finance/money management, a check for $1,000,000 right now. Approximately 90% of lottery winners go broke within five years, because they don’t have the basic discipline/know how to handle…

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How To Become An Internet Millionaire Infopreneur

What is an infopreneur? An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who creates and/or buys information to sell in order to make a profit. What is Internet Marketing? Internet marketing is really one of the most versatile and lucrative business opportunities that is possible today. It deals with the marketing of products and or services over the internet to a specific demographic…

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All About Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel Marketing(MLM) is a powerful business concept for many reasons, but the most obvious is for the type of income it can provide the network marketer. It is so powerful that many Fortune 500 companies have used, some are still using, this business model to build their multi-million-dollar empire. So why cannot the average person do the same? The answer…

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Network Marketing

Network Marketing – The Business Model Network marketing is a multi-billion-dollar business. As a business model, it is taught in major universities around the world. The Wall Street Journal stated, “Between 40% to 65% of all goods and services sold in this millennium will be through network marketing.” It is a business model that is perfectly suited for the information/digital…

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