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The Formula For Success

Would you like to hear the formula for success? It’s pretty simple. Here it is- Double your rate of failure. You’re probably thinking- What? Double my rate of failure? That doesn’t make sense. It actually does, and here’s why….. Don’t think of failure as the enemy of success. Failure, if you learn from it, becomes experience and knowledge. You can…

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25 Important & Helpful Life Tips

25 Important & Helpful Life Tips: 1. Your life is yours to live. If you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, that’s good enough. The approval of others is not necessary. 2. Everyone faces adversity. How you decide to handle it, will have a large impact on what kind of life that you lead. 3. It’s the negative naysayers…

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Life Is Largely What You Make of It So…..

Long live the doers, dreamers, problem solvers, inventors, creative types, explorers, and all of the other incredible people that make this world a better place to live. For all that you have done, are doing, and will do in the future, we say thank you! If we saw what people with less skills and abilities than us have done, it…

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2021 Success Motivational Picture Quotes Compilation

2021 Success Motivational Picture Quotes Compilation: You can’t undo the past. All you can do is face what’s ahead. It’s our moments of struggle that define us. How we handle them is what matters. No action. No change. Some action. Some change. A lot of action. Change is happening! The people who know you can’t force you to do it.…

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Game Changer by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

My Grandma, Alma Bartlett Johnson, suffered a terrible stroke just a few days before her birthday, on September 30th, 1997. My Grandpa decided since she was only being kept alive by machines, that he would wait until her birthday(September 30th), to turn the machines off, and let her pass. The doctors told the family that once the machines were off,…

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