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17 Power Selling Phrases You Can Use To Increase Your Sales

When used at the right time, these power selling phrases can be extremely effective! Before you read any further, DO NOT USE THESE 17 POWER SELLING PHRASES UNLESS THEY ARE ACTUALLY TRUE! Using these power selling phrases to make the sale regardless of anything else, is how sales professionals got/get a bad name. Removing someone’s negative buying perceptions, if your…

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Joe Kinlaw’s Superstar Sales Training Audio Book Disc 3 (Transcript)

Okay, I’m back.  Now did you hear any empathy on the part of the salesman?  Well no.  Did you hear the prospect attempting to feel comfortable about the investment?  To feel comfortable about the pending purchase?  Well, what actually happened, this conversation went on for some time with no improvement.  A senior manager of the company contacted this prospect, a…

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