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With the extremely popular Amazon Kindle devices in high demand and growing in popularity, creating and selling ebooks gaining momentum like never before. For Internet marketers, publishing and selling ebooks on the Amazon Kindle is a fantastic money making opportunity.

But oftentimes, promoting your ebook can seem a daunting and intimidating task. Where do I promote my ebook? How do I promote my ebook? Will this take away from my established business? How will my current customers feel about this new venture?

The first and most important considerations should be that all content is original and valuable. But if you are already an established internet marketer, this is a given.

Secondly, consider the fact that there is no overhead to produce an ebook, no publisher to reconcile with, and the best part about Amazon is that they allow you to set your own price.

Finally, you will have to apply tried and true online marketing techniques to promote your ebook, in order to ensure its success. Amazon will publish your ebook and make it available for people to purchase, but it is up to the author to either promote the ebook themselves, or to pay an advertising agency/marketing company, to promote the ebook for them.

If you decide to promote your own ebook, here are 4 important internet marketing strategies that you should consider using:

1, Utilize keywords and effective SEO methods to let others know about and find your ebook.

2. Create and distribute press releases announcing the availability of your ebook on Amazon Kindle.

3. Submit keyword driven articles to industry directories, ezines and other online communities where you can reach your target market.

4. Blog about your ebook, the process of writing it, and the excitement of being published.

Remember, you know your business, your industry and your target market better than anyone else. Focus on your audience and think about how and where they might find your ebook, why they should buy it and how to keep them coming back for more.

At the end of the day, promoting an ebook is just like promoting an online business. The skies the limit, and it is up to you to build and grow it

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