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Powerful Motivation Secret: The Right Atmosphere For Success


In general terms, whether we’re in a professional environment, an academic environment, or in a personal one, each and everything that we do is a measure of our success. This success is brought about by motivation, which causes our further development.

In modern society, a great deal of emphasis is put on individual progress and success. Modern society considers individual progress and success to be an important factor.

Some people are motivated to succeed to become rich and/or famous, to gain the respect and adoration of others.

Individuals are prone to visualize success, be it an achievement of something, buying something or possessing something. Sometimes for some people the greatest motivating factor is money alone.  

Whatever may be the driving force behind your motivation, it is this which drives them to move forward and strive harder for success. Sometimes just for the sake of winning they can motivate themselves to strive harder. Take that simple reason out of their lives and they become an emotional and physical mess.

They need an environment which fosters the right balance and nurture their hunger for progress and success. Individuals over the course of their lives adapt to specific thought process and belief. Some of which are good and others which are known as self-limiting beliefs are never good.  

They only reduce your mental strength and your belief in yourself and your abilities. You end up doubting your abilities and become unsure about yourself. These are the thoughts that hamper progress and further development of the individual.

An individual needs to sometimes look into himself and clear himself of this excess baggage of self-limiting thoughts. They need to do some regular introspection and start thinking beyond what they have been taught and programmed to think from his childhood. If they are successful in breaking their inhibitions and fear of the unknown, they would be surprised at what they can achieve.

Mental conditioning and preparing oneself can also help someone to motivate oneself. An interesting study in context comes to my mind.  

2 groups were asked 2 different questions. The first group was asked if they would like to solve puzzles. They were asked to keep silent and think for about a minute and then give their answer. The second group was informed that they will be required to solve some puzzles and they have 1 minute to ready themselves up for the task.  

After 1 minute, both the groups were told to solve puzzles. Interestingly, the first group which was asked whether they would like to solve puzzles solved more puzzles than the group which merely informed about it.

Researchers discovered that by giving the first group an option to choose whether or not they would like to solve puzzles actually braced them and gave them the opportunity to think for themselves.  

The other group had no choice but to follow the orders and they were forced to solve the puzzles may be against their will. The first group although may had some reluctant people at least a majority of them thought they are up for the challenge and can solve the puzzles and that gave the motivation to perform.

We can come to this conclusion that internal reasons to motivate oneself is often more powerful than external motivating factors.

“When you do the right things consistently, over a long enough period of time, you are positioning yourself to be in the right place, at the right time, when opportunity strikes.” Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – Founder & Owner – Masters of Money, LLC.

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