Powerful Motivation Secret: Precise Communication

Just about everyone would agree that effective and proper communication is a giant key to success. Effectual communication is an indispensable part of one’s lives, including both professional as well as personal life. As far as professional communication is concerned, superior communication skills are necessary in today’s world, without which it is difficult to survive at work. One is expected, or instead required to get hold of more than a few basic skills, in order to develop good communication skills, with one of these skills definitely being the skill of communicating with precision.  

It is very vital to understand that precision or accuracy is a very essential ingredient of good communication skills. Therefore, one should not undermine the importance of precise communication. Precise communication is the key to avoid even the minutest of misunderstandings. Clear expressions, a good body language and an appropriate tone, are among the major elements of precise communication. Apart from these, the eye contact with the person or people being spoken to and grasping the attention of the listeners is also of prime importance.  

With the advancement of technology, personal communication, particularly face-to-face communication is taking a back seat. For instance, two people in the same office prefer talking over an email or over the phone, in spite of having the option to communicate face to face, in person. The point here is that when communicating in person, one’s thoughts can be communicated across more precisely than through an email or over the phone.  

The significance of successful and precise communication is indisputable. It is also extremely essential for companies to communicate precisely with their clients, in order to project a good image. Communicating imprecisely is a ground for loss of image. Speaking professionally, precise communication can be a great motivator for people. One of the reasons for this is because they are more accurately aware of what is expected from them and thus work accordingly.  

Communicating precisely is also a very evident sign of one’s state of mind. If people are unable to communicate in clear terms about what is on their minds, it is in most cases, an indication of their perplexed state of mind. On the contrary, people who are able to clearly express themselves are the ones who have mastered the skill of precise communication.

Precise communication is also very helpful in reducing queries in the listener’s mind. That is to say, the more exactly or precisely one communicates, the easier it is for the listeners to understand. Information or data given out in precise terms, more often than not, proves to be much more useful.

Thus, it is easier to work with people who communicate precisely, as things are clear and easy to understand, and such clear communication additionally motivates people to work. Those with a perplexed state of mind, usually leave others puzzled too.  

Therefore, it can be rightly stated that communication, in general and precise communication, in specific can surely help people be professionally successful.

“The words we say, determine the price we are paid.” Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – Founder & Owner – Masters of Money, LLC.  

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