Multi-level Marketing Leads Generation

To succeed in MLM (Multi-level Marketing), you need a steady supply of targeted leads that are either already interested in MLM or are at least willing to hear your pitch/learn more.

Here are 5 reasons why you may want to consider generating your own MLM marketing leads.

1. Quality

When you purchase MLM leads from a leads vendor, you are buying a list of names and contact details that have been generated in a very generic way to maximize the response rate of the lead generators advertising campaign. These MLM leads are not necessarily generated from the most targeted means of advertising.

These leads are not selling them on any specific type of business. When you are using this type of lead you really don’t know what type of business, they may be interested in. In the end, you are left to sorting and this can be a time-consuming procedure. Generating your own MLM leads with a website you have control over changes all this.

2. Responsive

MLM leads that you have generated on your own are usually much more responsive than leads that you would have purchased from a leads vendor.

Most probably they have not been contacted by several different network marketers and their name has not been sold over and over again by some of the leads vendors out there.

Leads that you generate are as fresh as you can get, and they are exclusive to you only

3. Real-Time Leads

One of the most popular reasons for a network marketer to generate their own MLM leads is that you can receive them in real-time.

This is especially powerful for people who are in the higher ticket business opportunities and they need the highest quality lead they can get. Nothing beats having company specific real-time leads in your inbox waiting to be contacted about your product or opportunity.

4. Custom Surveys

When you are the lead generator you have full control over the questions you want to ask your prospects. You can simply qualify or disqualify leads based on the questions they have answered on your lead capture page.

It is a wise idea to always run a “Comments or Questions” or “Tell Me about You” space on your lead capture page.

Not every single prospect will fill these fields out but when they do it will be the most valuable piece of information you receive next to their name and number. Anything a prospect is willing to share with you before the initial contact is like an icebreaker.

5. Cost

Generating your own MLM leads can actually save you a lot of money if you spend the time to setup some solid advertising campaigns.

Like many leads companies on the internet you wouldn’t have the high cost of employees either. Your cost to generate your own leads will be your advertising costs and any other tools that you may use, such as lead capture pages and auto responders.

These are just some of the reasons why you may want to consider generating your own MLM leads for your specific product/opportunity.

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