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Mediaset S.p.A, (Gruppo Mediaset) Offers To Buy Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG. For $359,000,000

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Dear Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG., Shareholders,

Mediaset S.p.A, (Gruppo Mediaset), is interested in acquiring Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG., at the valuation price of $359,000,000 (USD).

Complete acquisition proposal details have been sent to the following via DHL Global Delivery Services:

Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson, Senior Partner of Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG.

SJ Steptoe and Johnson, PLLC., legal counsel for Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG.

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. (BBH), global custodial business advisor for Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG.

Eric Fanning, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG.

Upon approval by Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG.’s Shareholders, and Board of Directors, we are prepared to close in Q2 of 2021.

Retaining the following Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG., personnel is a requirement of the proposed acquisition.

Michael Johnson a.k.a. “MJ The Terrible”, Marcus Jennings, Kristi Caprese Jennings, Tarica Patel Hubbard, Kevin M. (abbreviated by request), Gary McKinnon, J. Kosta (abbreviated by request), Adrian L. (abbreviated by request), and Zhang Ying

All other personnel decisions to be determined by Mediaset S.p.A, (Gruppo Mediaset), after the acquisition has been completed.

Mediaset S.p.A, (Gruppo Mediaset), would like to invite Mr. Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson, Mr. Marcus Jennings, Mrs. Kristi Caprese Jennings, Mrs. Tarica Patel Hubbard, Mr. Kevin M., Mr. Gary McKinnon, Mr. J. Kosta, Adrian L., Ms. Zhang Ying, and their husbands, wives and / or domestic partners, to visit Mediaset’s headquarters, in Milan, Italy. After touring our headquarters, we would like to send you on an all-expenses paid two week private tour of Italy.

Mediaset S.p.A, (Gruppo Mediaset), is aware of the security concerns and travel requirements for Mr. Johnson. We are prepared to accommodate, and will comply with all U.S. State Department, and U.S. Department of Defense, requirements.

The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), is requiring that a senior officer be with Mr. Johnson at all times, beginning with his flight to Italy, while he is in country, and on his returning flight to the United States. INTERPOL is also requiring Ms. Brittany White, Mr. Johnson’s former Court Appointed Supervisor, remain with Mr. Johnson at all times, before, during and until Mr. Johnson’s re-arrival in the United States.

Italy’s External Intelligence and Security Agency (AISE), is requiring an officer board Mr. Johnson’s arriving flight in Italy, prior to Mr. Johnson exiting the aircraft, and be with Mr. Johnson until he has boarded his return flight to the United States.

EU’s Intelligence and Situation Centre (EU INTCEN), is requiring Mr. Johnson and Mr. Jennings, each be accompanied by a senior intelligence officer prior to Mr. Johnson and Mr. Jennings de-boarding their aircraft, until Mr. Johnson and Mr. Jennings have boarded their return flights to the United States.

The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (EUROPOL), is requiring an armed senior security officer be with Mr. Johnson prior to Mr. Johnson de-boarding his flight in Italy, until the door has been closed on his return flight, and his return flight to the U.S. has taken off.

The Carabinieri, one of Italy’s two state policing forces are requiring that a senior officer be with Mr. Johnson at all times, while he is in country, beginning at the time Mr. Johnson de-boards his plane, until he boards his returning flight out of country. 

The Polizia di Stato, Italy’s other state policing organization, is requiring an officer to be with Mr. Johnson at all times while he is in the country, beginning at Italian immigration, until Mr. Johnson has boarded his return flight to the United States.

Many world governments, including our own here in Italy, look at Mr. Johnson, and see “MJ The Terrible”, chief architect of Stuxnet, the virus that caused an unprecedented amount of human, industrial and mechanical infrastructure havoc the world over, not as Michael Johnson, father, husband, and businessman.

Mediaset S.p.A, (Gruppo Mediaset), is a multinational media conglomerate. My father, Silvio Berlusconi, is former Prime Minister of Italy. We have many connections throughout Italy and the European Union. We will work with INTERPOL, AISE, EU INTCEN, EUROPOL, the Carabinieri, and Polizia di Stato, to see what can be done to minimize law enforcement travel restrictions and requirements for Mr. Johnson.

All food, travel, and accommodations will be first class, and exclusively private. Our goal in inviting you to visit Mediaset S.p.A, (Gruppo Mediaset), headquarters and tour Italy, is to show you special few how well we treat our Mediaset S.p.A, (Gruppo Mediaset), Family.

You can expect Mediaset S.p.A, (Gruppo Mediaset), to go all out to reduce the law enforcement presence for Mr. Johnson’s visit, and roll out the red carpet every step of the way.

Distinti Salutiare (Kind Regards),

Pier Berlusconi
Chief Executive Officer
Mediaset S.p.A, (Gruppo Mediaset)
Viale Europa 44/46 48
Cologno Monzese, Milano, 20093 Italy

Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG., shareholder, and shareholder percentage ownership roster, sum totaling 100% of Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG., stock. (Current as of 03/03/2021)

Johnson Family Trust (14%), DuPont Family Holdings Trust of Delaware (12%), DuPont Family Holdings Group of Florida (12%), DuPont Family Trust of Pennsylvania (11%), Nemours Dupont Family Holdings (10%), DuPont de Nemours International Sàrl (10%), DuPont Magyarország Kft. (9%), Icahn Group (5%), Bush Family Holdings Trust (2.5%), Dachis Group (2.5%), DJT Jr., LLC. (2%), Brown Brothers Harriman & Co (2%), McConaissance, Inc. (2%), Marcus Jennings (2%), Shelby Chamberland (2%), Kristi Caprese Jennings (.5%), Tarica Patel Hubbard (.5%), Christopher Hubbard (.25%), Lucky #7 Trust (.25%), City Church Fellowship Tithe Fund (.25%), MBT Fellowship Tithe Fund (.25%)

Note: Phone numbers, email addresses, and certain other personally identifying information and details were removed for privacy.

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