Legendary Self-Help Success Guru Napoleon Hill’s 17 Universal Principles of Success & Achievement

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Napoleon Hill was a successful American self-help author. He was born on October 26th, 1883 and passed away on November 8th, 1970.

His work was mostly focused on teaching and sharing motivation and success principles. His 2 largest influences were Ralph Waldo Emerson and Dale Carnegie.

Mr. Hill’s most notable work includes the following books:
The Law of Success, The Magic Ladder To Success, Think and Grow Rich, How To Sell Your Way through Life, The Master-Key to Riches, How to Raise Your Own Salary, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, Grow Rich!: With Peace of Mind, Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion, and You Can Work Your Own Miracles

Legendary Self-Help Success Guru Napoleon Hill’s 17 Universal Principles of Success & Achievement:

1. Definitiveness of Purpose

The starting point of all achievement is definiteness of purpose. Definiteness of purpose is knowing what your goal is, knowing what you want, and not letting anything stand in the way of you achieving your objective.

2. Mastermind Principle

The coordination of effort between two or more people in order to attain a specific objective.

3. Applied Faith

A state of mind through which your aims, desires, plans and purposes are translated into their physical or financial equivalent.

4. Pleasing Personality

A pleasing personality helps you master the major cause of failure, which is the inability to get along with other people.

5. Going The Extra Mile

Delivering more and better than you are paid/expected to do.

6. Personal Initiative

The inner will power that starts all actions.

7. Self-discipline

The ability to control our thoughts and emotions and focus them towards the desired objective.

8. Controlled Attention

The highest form of self-discipline, the act of coordinating all your mind’s faculties and abilities, towards a desired end.

9. Enthusiasm

A contagious state of mind that not only helps you to gain the cooperation of others but inspires you to draw upon and use the power of your imagination.

10. Imagination

Imagination is your mind’s exercise, challenge and adventure. It uses your ideas, experiences, and established facts, to put them to good use creatively.

11. Learning From Adversity & Defeat

Hardship and adversity are a common language of nature in which she speaks to all living creatures and teaches them many things that they would not learn any other way.

12. Budgeting Time & Money

Successful people know themselves, not as they think they are, but as their habits have made them. The use of time and money are the most vital of these habits.

13. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

To govern your life, you must be able to govern your mind.

14. Accurate Thinking

The accurate thinker recognizes the facts of life, both good and bad, and assumes the responsibility of separating and organizing the two. Then chooses which of those serves his/her needs best and rejects the others.

15. Sound Physical Health

The key that coordinates all other principles and sets all ideas into motion, sound health, makes success and all other achievements possible.

16. Cooperation

Cooperation is the medium through which great personal/group power may be attained. The willing cooperation and coordination of efforts to achieve a specific objective, can be a very Powerful force.

17. Cosmic Habit Force

The cosmic habit force is the universe’s law of equilibrium, the one natural law into which all other natural laws revolve around.

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