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How To Make Serious Money With Online Network Marketing

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There are techniques and strategies in online network marketing that you need to know if you want to make money online. They are also very useful if you don’t want to get burned or spend money you can’t afford to lose.

Like all areas of business, those who are in the know, can use tricks of the trade to achieve success quicker than the average online network marketer. You may think you know what these trade secrets are, and maybe you do, but knowing them and putting them into practice, is a different matter. It’s like the difference between learning to speak french at school and living in Paris for several years.

More importantly, it is the difference between people who make money online and people that don’t. Those that earn their living from online network marketing automatically incorporate these trade secrets into everything they do. Now let’s get started, so that you can learn how to become a successful online network marketer.

Top marketers have realized that if they want to sell a product, they should put a “new” slant on it.

It works something like this. An Author comes up with a product. They sell the product. The product gets old. The product is forgotten about by even those who first bought it.

Then someone gets a hold of it. It could even be the original author. They know it’s an older product, but they decide to “re-vamp” it. Thus, making an old and forgotten product a useful new product that gets re-announced and made re-valuable, as a new product.

In other words, you can take an old product and give it a make-over. Give it a new e-cover, make a few changes to the interior of the ebook, and boom! Now you have a new product that markets well and can make you a lot of money!

This works not only with ebooks, but private label products as well.

Why Do This?

Well, for starters, you can re-word the entire product if you want to. Make sure you give it a catchy new title.

Add your name as the author and slip in all your affiliate links to make the product a “multiple streams of income product”.

What is a “multiple streams of income product”? It’s any product that can generate more than one source of revenue for you.

A multiple streams of income product is one which contains for example affiliate links, or links to other products and/or services you are selling, so that you are not only making money by selling the ebook, but you are also making money by selling your affiliate products and/or services also.

It’s A Simple Process.

First, be sure that you can legally make changes to the product you’ve chosen to market, unless you created the product yourself, and then of course you can do whatever you want with it.

If you’ve bought resell or master resell rights which come in a pdf format, this is not a problem. Just add your own bonus and zip it up with the pdf. You can usually add just about anything that you would like to the package and pass it along with the resell rights product you bought rights too.

Private Label Rights (PLRs) are usually best for this though because you can add your own money-making links/affiliate links in the actual text of the document/product.

If it’s a re-brandable product, which means there are things you’re allowed to change in the product, like put in your affiliate or other product sales page links.

When you’re creating a new product from an old one, the key thing is that you update it as much as possible, making it your own. That way it’s more likely to get resold and passed on, which of course is what you want.

If you don’t like/don’t want to rewrite them yourself, you can use a ghostwriter or freelancer to do it for you. You can hire ghostwriters/freelancers on websites like, for not much money at all.

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