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Google AdSense: The Best & Worst Earnings Months

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Google AdSense: The Best & Worst Earning Months

Do you have Google AdSense on some of your websites? Have you ever wondered why some months you seem to make money than others? Are you looking into ways of increasing your AdSense earnings? In this article, I write about the type of events which can have a negative effect on your ability to earn money on AdSense and what type of month for example you are likely to do better in.

I was advised about the potential benefits of google AdSense by a friend of mine, around a year ago. He suggested it could be an easy way to earn a little bit of extra cash each month without doing a great deal of work for it. I already had a couple of websites and decided to take him up on his advice. I was more than impressed with the results, the two domains in question were well established however and were quite well placed in the search engines. My friend warned me that it is not so easy to make as much money with a new site as it takes quite a long time for the search engines to trust each new site, this is where the sandbox comes in of course. I understood what he was saying but I still wanted many more sites, they would not be new forever was my attitude.

A year later, I now have quite a large portfolio of websites which are mainly health related and are what are called information portals. Over the next couple of years, I am planning to add a lot more sites to this portfolio as I have been very pleased with the results from Google AdSense so far. I am not trying to say that I make enough money to retire on, but I am looking at the whole thing as a long term project, as the domains mature and with a lot more promotion of each site, I am confident that within a few years I will not only be making a lot more money on AdSense but that I will have a portfolio worth thousands. It is like real estate in my eyes and there would be many people interested in taking the sites off my hands. It would give them a readymade income without having to start from scratch like I did. I have to say that there is no way that I would sell however, why would I? I suppose every person has his price though.

What my friend has noticed is that in some months you earn a lot more money than in other months. There has just been a big football tournament taking place, the world cup. This is the type of event which has a negative effect on the AdSense earnings. Any event or situation which is likely to resort to less people sitting in front of their computer is going to result in a drop in your AdSense earnings.

For these reasons August, July, June and December are likely to be the worst performing months. March, April, October and November are likely to be the best performing months.

If you notice a drop in your AdSense earnings over the summer months do not panic, keep promoting your site in the usual ways and just sit back and wait for the winter to begin.

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