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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Credit Repair II

7 Important Tips For Credit Repair

In today’s society, no one can overemphasize the importance of a good credit line. In fact, having a bad credit record is even worse than having no money at all. Without bad credit it would be very difficult to get loans and do other transactions that would soon become necessary in the future such as applying for an apartment. However, people with bad credit need not sulk since they can still save themselves from their bad record through credit repair.

Credit repair may be done with a help of a financial adviser, but it also helps to make some adjustments yourself. The best way of doing this is by proving that you are indeed capable of managing your finances. There are many ways of doing this, some of them are quite simple but they can help mend a broken credit record.

Here are some important tips for credit repair:

1. Be sure to have your accounts settled on time. Whenever you get your bills, pay them immediately even way before the due date so you would not forget. Credit bureaus have a high regard for payment history and they factor it in your credit score, taking up as much as 35% of the score. A good idea is to have your accounts registered on automatic transfer so that payments would immediately be made.

2. If you have past debts, pay them off, or at least show that you are trying to. If you do not have enough money to pay everything, keep paying even in small installments. This will show that you are indeed responsible enough in trying to clear your accounts. Pay as much as your budget allows and pay regularly. Credit bureaus will notice these efforts, increasing your chances of getting a better score.

3. In case you do miss paying some accounts, try to catch up immediately. Not only do credit bureaus look at your missed payments, they also check how long bills are kept unpaid. If you respond quickly, you can still show that you can indeed pay your debts even if it is a little later.

4. Register to vote. While it may not seem to be connected, registered voters do have better standings with credit bureaus. It can show that you are a responsible citizen as well as a responsible creditor.

5. Get hold of your own copy of your credit report. In the credit report, you would find a list of reasons you got a low score. Knowing this is necessary for credit repair and to avoid future mistakes.

6. Limit yourself to only one or two new credit accounts if you do intend to apply. Possibly, a bad-credit card and a bad-credit mortgage would be enough for you to manage easily. Getting several credit accounts at once may make you a hot object for credit bureaus.

7. Keep your old accounts, do not close them. Closing your old bad accounts will not erase them from your credit record. Pay them off and then keep them clean. Having old accounts can increase your average account age, which can help boost your credit rating and help repair your record.

Bad credit is not impossible to repair if you know for yourself the important steps to mend your broken record. Try these steps yourself and see your credit line improve.

How To Use A Secured Credit Card

As mentioned in an early article, there are two types of credit cards: secured and unsecured. This article will explore some of the issues of secured credit cards.

What is a secured credit card?

A secured card is a credit card that requires you to deposit a certain amount of money into a savings account, money market account, or certificate of deposit. The minimum amount usually ranges between $200 and $500 but this will vary from one company to another. Your deposit is considered your security and some card issuers will even allow the deposit to earn interest.

The amount that you deposit into the account is your credit limit. You should understand that sometimes the limit will be for the full amount that you put into the account but with some companies your limit may be a percentage of the total amount that you deposited.

A secured credit card is not a debit card. This is important to understand because if full payments are not made each month, interest will be charged on the outstanding balance.

Who should consider using secured credit cards?

If you have no credit history at all, using a secured credit card can be a good way to begin establishing your credit. Many young people who are just starting out may choose this as an option.

If you have bad credit, you may wish to use a secured credit card to help you improve your credit score. In addition, a secured credit card may be the only source you will have for obtaining a credit card. There are some transactions that require the use of a credit card. This might include car rentals or hotel reservations. If you need to make those types of transactions and cannot get an unsecured credit card, this might be the only way you can get a true credit card.

What to look for in a secured credit card:

Interest Rate: Do not be fooled into thinking that because you have no credit history or a bad credit report that you must settle for exorbitant interest rates. Make it a point to shop around for the lowest rates that you qualify for before you apply for a secured credit card.

Fees: Pay close attention to any fees that will be charged to you or to your account once it is opened. There are some companies that will charge ridiculously high fees that will reduce your initial deposit before you even use the card. Stay away from those companies. Look for companies that have no fees whatsoever or for those companies that charge a small one-time fee to set up the account. Annual fees for attractive secured cards typically range from $20-$35.

Scams: It is sad to say that there are companies out there who are in the business of ripping people off. They prey on the vulnerability of those who may be in a credit crunch. Some of the things they do include promises of getting you “quick credit” for a price. Another popular scam is to ask you to call a 900-phone number for “secrets” to getting a credit card or credit repair. Your phone company will charge you a high rate for using a 900 number and you never get the information that was offered.

The best advice to avoid secured credit card scams is that if it sounds too good to be true it is. Use your common sense and do not be taken by these crooks.

Credit Improvement Issues: Even with a very good payment history on your secured card it can takes many months before you begin to see improvement in your credit record. You must be patient when repairing bad credit. You also have to be smart. Make sure that the company that issues the secured credit card to you will report your good payment history to the three big credit reporting agencies. Not all companies report and if they do not report you are simply wasting your time.

Keep in mind that they will also report your bad payment history if you do not pay on time. Be careful and make your payments on time every month.

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