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Attention Seniors & Everyone Who Wants To Live A Long Life

The following is a guest post from “The World’s Healthiest 74 Year Old Man” Jerry Rothouse, founder and owner of Sweating Seniors, LLC. Masters of Money, LLC., has a 20% revenue sharing interest/stake in Sweating Seniors, LLC.

Seniors, and all who want to have a long life. Of course, we all do. But then comes being old. Oh no! Just the traditional concept of what it’s like to be old has all you youngsters turning off that thought before it ruins your day. You don’t have to think about it and why should you diminish the glory of your youth but realize that if you’re not cut down by bad luck or bad decisions you will all be seniors someday. Build a strong foundation now to support all those future years. Decide now the person you want to be and the quality of life you want to have at that future date when you are seniors and set your path to lead you there.

Middle Age

For those of you who have survived everything that happened in your youth and are now middle age take a good look at yourself and be honest with yourself. Are you on a path that leads to a healthy and active life when you are seniors? Will you be able to be active with your grandchildren? The human body is an amazing creation. Some may say Mother Nature’s greatest design. We are adaptable and very resilient. Do you have physical and health issues? There are many things you can do to help yourself. So much has been learned and is available through the science of nutrition and training. Take advantage of all that knowledge. No one can do it for you. There is more ability within you than you are consciously aware of but the only way to access that inner energy is to make it happen with your own effort.

Junior Seniors

For you winners that have reached age 60+ congratulations! So many things could have swept you off the stage and yet here you are. Have you made it this far by pure luck despite a life of decadence? Do you drink a lot of alcohol, smoke cigarettes and anything else that burns? Do you use hard drugs? I know some of you are laughing, thinking no one who lived like that would still be alive, but I have witnessed people who have such strong genetics that they have survived. Likely, many of you have indulged in these vices to some degree but now that you are no longer young your body can not tolerate that abuse so it’s time to focus and stay on the healthy road, so you can keep going. I have been told by more than one doctor and health professional that if a person gets through their 60s and into their early 70s with nothing major wrong with their body that they have a good chance at many more years. That’s the theory that anything that would get you would have already happened. Obviously, there are no sure things, so all the more reason to live clean and healthy. Get the odds on your side. You are in the category age 60 – 69 that I call “Junior Seniors”.


For all of us in our 70s, yes that’s me also about to turn 72 in a few weeks, we need to really make the effort to raise the bar on our own efforts with everything we do. Time and gravity are working against us. Traditional thinking, I refuse to call it wisdom, says that at our age we should take things easier. Don’t push ourselves hard with physical activity. Don’t hurt ourselves by refusing to acknowledge our age. I say that is the exact opposite of what we need to do. Go gently to the rocking chair? No way! If you have been indulging in physical training all your life you know that it can be harder to get going and that we need more recovery time. Accept that reality but don’t let it stop you. Make sure your doctor confirms that your heart is strong, and you are aware of your own condition. We are not competing with youngsters, only ourselves. If you have not been athletic through your life that does not mean it’s too late. Get a physical evaluation from a qualified certified physical trainer who will structure a training routine that is custom for you. You will be amazed at how much better you feel. After a while, you will not consider stopping. You’ll be hooked on that higher energy feeling. It’s all up to you. You can do this. We are in the category age 70 – 79 and we are “Seniors”.

Senior Seniors

Are you in your 80s? I salute you! I aspire to that achievement myself. In your age group, most of the drinkers, smokers, obese, and all the habitual drug users have eliminated themselves from the living. What now you say to yourself. You have good and perhaps great genetics. You’ve made more good decisions than bad, and you’ve had some luck going for you as well. Now is not the time to throw in the towel. If your health is still good, you are in a position to set a good example for your grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as all the young people that are paying attention to life’s realities. Think about it. When young people observe those in your age group and they see an active vigorous person walking with a strong confident stride they respect that. You will be respected. It gives them hope for their own future. That is something you’ll be proud of. You will be continuing to be a useful important member of society. You are in the category age 80 – 89 and you are a “Senior Senior”.

Master Seniors

Okay, I’ve saved the best for last. You are in your 90s or beyond. Now that’s a serious achievement. You are at the top of the gene pool. Whatever you have been doing to reach that high status keep doing it. Far be it from me to suggest changes. I’ll just say stay active. I’m sure you already are. You are in the category 90+ You are a “Master Senior”.

Does anyone reading this want to achieve Master Seniordom? Start by making the right decisions today.

The World’s Healthiest 74 Year Old Man’s Top 10 Recommendations For Good Health –

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