About Us

Masters of Money was an idea I had 13 years ago, that turned into a business. I had a lot of contacts who were wealthy, experts in their field, successful, etc., and I wanted to share the incredible knowledge and information I was learning from them, with other people, so that they could benefit from the knowledge/information, as well. So I started sharing the knowledge/information I learned/was learning, and the company following grew quickly. Over time, the company started offering services, like logo creation, marketing, content creation, etc.

My side project at the time, Masters of Money, turned into a successful business. Now we have 104 employees/contractors, and have revenue of about $117,000,000 a year. Since the company’s official launch, in May of 2016, until now, Masters of Money and “MJ The Terrible”, have also grown a social media following of approximately 15,000,000 people.

Masters of Money LLC, might have the word “Money” in the title, and yes Masters of Money is a business, designed to make money, but Masters of Money’s true mission is to encourage and support the dreams and goals of the dreamers and the doer’s of this world.

More often times than not, the dreamers and the doer’s are laughed at, or they’re told something can’t be done, or that something isn’t possible, and because they may not have encouraging voices to cancel out all of the negativity, they may never take action, and the world is worse off because of it.

Masters of Money was designed to help level the playing field, so the little guy, the dreamers, the doers and the entrepreneurs of the world, can get a leg up.

Even if someone never buys a product or service from us, but they are inspired by something we put out that was completely free, and they decide to take action in some area of their life, or they encourage someone else to take action, then all of this hard work to create and run Masters of Money was/is worth it.

Yours in success,


Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson
Senior Partner
Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG.
d/b/a Masters of Money, LLC.
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Dallas, TX 75204
Phone #: (214) 744-3581  
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