7 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

Here are “7 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog”-

1. Advertising
This is the most common way to make money from you’re your blog. Here are some of the companies that offer advertising programs for blogs- Google AdSense, Amazon Advertising, Adbuff, AdClick Media, Bidvertiser, Fomo Publishers, Buy Sell Ads, MadAds Media, AdRecover, and Infolinks.

2. Sponsorships
Not many people have explored this avenue for blogs until recently, but companies and organizations are starting to realize the influence blogs and bloggers have, and are willing to pay money to sponsor blogs, blog posts, and other blog/blogging related activities.

3. Affiliate Programs
You can join an affiliate program like Amazon Associates, or a similar program, to sell other companies products and/or services, to make a commission. There are a wide variety of affiliate programs and affiliate marketing opportunities out there to take advantage of.

4. Selling Your Own Products & Services
Bloggers can also make money by selling their own products and services, such as ebooks, how to courses, webinars, etc.

5. Writing blogs
There are people/bloggers/companies who need someone to write and post new material on their blogs regularly. If you have time, and an interest in doing this, then you can write and/or post blogs for other blogs/bloggers.

6. Donations
You can make offers on your blog to your readers that if they like your blog and want to continue to see the type of content that you put out, they can donate money to you/your blog.

7. Consulting
If you are an expert in your field, or very knowledgeable about a certain subject, offering consulting services on your blog/through your blog, is a very logic way to make money from your blog.

Having your own blog, can help build your credibility, act as a way to display your work/knowledge, and can even turn you into a celebrity.

More and more ways to make money from blogs/blogging, are popping up all the time. There is no limit to the amount of money, and the amount of different ways that bloggers can cash in!

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