7 Ways To Make Money With Content On The Internet

Here are 7 ways to make money with content on the internet:

1. Write articles and sell the rights to other webmasters that want to republish the articles on their websites.

2. Write articles and reports available only to those who have paid to access your collection.

3. Write informative newsletters and selling ads in them.

4. Write about products and services. Then add a link to a website/your website, that sells a product/products/a service/services.

5. Create programs that allow others to resell my written content and charge a fee for them to do so.

6. Write other people’s e-zines for a fee.

7. Create simple websites, add some articles or other content and sell them.

The Internet is a goldmine for writers. The possibilities are virtually endless.

If you can’t write/don’t like to write, there are services you can use to get other people to do the writing for you. Make sure you hire them on a work for hire basis, which means that you receive the exclusive copyright for the article/post/content that they produce for you.

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