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7 Ways To Advertise Your Blog Effectively

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1. Advertising Your Blog In Your Email Signature

If you have a blog that you are particularly proud of, and that you want to share with other people, there are a lot of free ways that you can get your blog noticed.

One of those ways is something that you do every day, and that you may not even consider sharing on your blog. Put the link to your blog in your email signature.

Each time you send out an email, you can advertise your blog by putting the address of your blog in your email’s signature.

It’s always a good idea to write something catchy like, see what I am up to now, or Read my latest chapter of my romantic novel here, depending on what type of blog you have.

The thing to remember about putting an advertisement in your signature for your blog is to make it short, but eye-catching.

You want people to be interested enough to want to click on it, but you also don’t want to scare them off.

Just like it is with any advertisement, you want to give them just enough to be interested and take a closer look at what it is that you are advertising.

Think about what it is that your blog is about. What is really going to interest people about it and want to visit That is what you should include in your signature, and that is what is going to get people to go to your blog.

2. Blog Forums: A Great Place To Advertise Your Blog

No matter what type of blog that you have, one of the best places that you can advertise your blog is to join a blog forum.

If you use your blog to advertise something that you are selling, or you want to get a lot of traffic to your blog in order to make money, you want to go somewhere where it can get exposure.

When you advertise on a blog forum, you know that you are placing your advertisement in a place where blogging is something that people do.

3. Blogging Directories: Great Advertising Venues

If you want to have more people visit your blog, there are plenty of blog directories on the Internet that you can submit your blog to so that people will come and visit it. Most blog directories are listed by the topics that the blogs that are submitted cover.

Blog Catalog is a free blog directory that offers categories such as career and jobs, writing, Iraq, and many others. It has features such as featured blogs and other things to offer those who submit their blogs there.

Another great place to add your blog is – Not only do they have an extensive list of categories and sub categories, but you can also get your blog reviewed.

There are a a lot of blog directories on the internet, and you never know what you will find when you are browsing through them.

Blog directories a great way to get traffic to your blog.

4. Blogging Traffic: Give & Take

Blogging traffic is a give and take relationship. Sometimes one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog is by visiting someone else ‘s blog.

Go to their blog and read one of their entries or read a few of them. Chances are that you are going to find something you have in common.

When you find something that you find truly interesting on a blog, leave a comment so that they know that you were there.

When you are commenting on someone’s post, you want to make sure that you don’t leave generic a comment. If you like the post, say something about what you read in the post.

But be sure that you sound sincere when you are commenting. Don’t make them feel like you’re just trying to get traffic for your blog.

If someone thinks that you are using their blog to get more traffic for yours, they won’t visit your blog, they will probably delete your comment, and your efforts will be wasted.

5. Email Groups: Hidden Treasure Troves For Advertising A Blog

Something that has become increasingly popular since the Internet has grown are the email groups that are available through Google, Yahoo, BING, and other search engines.

These groups can be a great place for people who have a blog about the subject and want to share it with other people.

Most of the time when you join a group, you are encouraged to take a moment and to introduce yourself. This is a great opportunity to tell people about your blog, but make certain that you don’t overdo it.

Just like with any of the other places you will advertise your blog, you want to make people want to go to your blog. If you are too overbearing, you will turn people off.

If your blog covers different subjects, you can advertise it on the other groups that cover those subjects as well.

Make certain that your post to the groups are interesting and that you let people know what your blog is about.

6. Join A Community To Advertise Your Blog

Something that you will find when you join a community, are members just like you, that have common interests.

There are communities for just about any subject, and if you find that there isn’t a community for a subject, you can create one.

The nice thing about communities is that there aren’t any limits as to how many communities that you can join.

Joining communities is an inexpensive way to advertise your blog and drive traffic to it.

7. SEO Importance In Blog Advertising

If you want people to be able to find your blog, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is extremely important!

Whenever you put one or more words into a search bar to look for something, the SEO of a website is what helps bring up those websites/blogs.

Think about the things that people look for when they are interested in a subject/topic.

The more keywords that your blog uses, the more people will come to your blog. It just takes time and patience.

“Know what you know. Know what you don’t know. And always be open to learning new things.” Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – Founder & Owner – Masters of Money, LLC.

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