5 Of My Favorite Universal Fill In The Blank Press Release Headlines You Can Tweak & Use For Your Company Product or Service – Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

1. (company name here) Launches Next Generation (product or service here)

2. (company name here) Introduces The Future of ___________ I left this blank because their are so many options with this one. Just about anything will work with this one. Have fun with it!

3. (company name here) Reveals The Next Big Thing in The (industry here) Industry/Business

4. (company name here) Releases What Could Be “The Most Powerful ___________(product or service here)” of 2018

5. Breaking News: (company name here) Releases New (product or service here) You Have To (See/Experience/Be Apart of) To Believe

Here is a link to a website that spotlights some of the best / most creative advertisments/marketing material/public relations material, in each industry. I highly recommend spending some time looking through some of these proven ads/marketing/pr material, that have worked in the past- www.moat.com

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