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4 Ways To Create Online Content & Get Paid

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If you don’t have high quality content to use for new products, your momentum will come to a screeching halt and so will your business. So, the question becomes, how do you consistently create new content?

Here are the 4 basic options:

1. You can continually write your own materials.

2. You can record your thoughts and get them transcribed.

3. You can hire a ghostwriter to write for you.

4. You can purchase the rights to content that you can resell.

Here are the 4 basic options explained:

1. You can continually write your own materials.

Writing you own original content is important because you don’t want to become dependent on other people’s thoughts. You want to train yourself to consistently think original thoughts and then capture them. People want fresh thinking. They don’t want the same old, same old.  

Setting aside the time to work on original content is a practice, because over time you will have the necessary ingredients to continually crank out new products for your market.

When you have raw content, you can always create new things from it. Being disciplined to plan out time and record your thoughts is a fantastic habit to master and can instantly serve you today and well into the future.

2. You can record your thoughts and get them transcribed.

These fall under the same category of capturing your own original thoughts but it has one major advantage, and that is, it’s a lot easier to do.

Most people forget that the transcripts are a valuable resource in product development. Your audience will have all kinds of different learning preferences. By providing the transcripts you are actually doing your customers/clients a great service and as a result the transcripts instantly increase the value of your package.

3. You can hire a ghostwriter to write for you.

Hiring a ghostwriter has advantages and disadvantages. First and foremost, it takes a huge burden off your shoulders to create original content. Secondly it frees up a lot of your time. Third, it feels great when you get an email from your ghostwriter and the ebook/book/manual/article/articles are all complete and ready to go, it truly is the magic pill.

There are some downsides however, and the first one is the cost.

Depending on your project, it can cost anywhere between $400-$3,000 to get an ebook, book or manual created.  

This is relatively cheap when you think about the fact that you can now sell that content and profit from it as long as you sell it, but it still costs quite a bit.

The second major downside is the time it takes to communicate with the ghostwriter. If you are anything like me, you don’t want to be sending out crappy information. So that means you do have to be involved I the process yourself.

Forget what all the gurus try to tell you about how easy it is to just hire a ghostwriter and wake up with a finished product.

You tell me if this process is as easy as slapping down a check and receiving a perfect book a few days later:

First you send your initial thoughts and plans for what you want, they send back their outline, you adjust the outline, and sometime later they send back the proof for the outline.  

Once the outline is completed you give the go-ahead and they write the rough draft. Obviously, this takes some time, usually between a week and a couple of months depending on your project, but once they have completed the rough draft. It’s up to you to read the rough draft and suggest any changes.  

You’ll want to go over the rough draft with a fine-tooth comb to prevent the writer from going in a direction you didn’t want. This isn’t any small task but it’s well worth the effort because you are ensuring that the product you are creating is of a high standard.  

When you finish the edit of the rough draft, then the ghostwriter makes the adjustments and sends you a final draft. You read the final draft and give the final okay.

Now, if you care about the quality of the products you create please pay close attention to this next sentence.  

You need to actually read what the ghostwriter creates for you.

It will almost always require you to make some final changes. Make sure you get exactly what you are looking for otherwise it’s a product that you yourself haven’t even completely read.  

Would that make you comfortable selling something with your name on it, but you didn’t create it?

It still takes work but it’s a lot easier, and it takes way less time once you have the raw materials to work with. Your job is to polish that collection of raw ideas into the high-quality product.

If you don’t have good fresh content to use for new products, your momentum comes to a crashing halt and so does your business.

4. You can purchase the rights to content that you can resell.
Purchasing the rights to content that has already been created can be a double edged sword, but, if you do it right, it can be very profitable for a number of reasons.

First and foremost you want to review the legal materials that you purchased. There are different types of rights and you need to be aware of them.
Here are the 4 types of content rights:

1. Recording Rights: These usually grant you the rights to record the written material in your voice and sell the audio for whatever price you want. They do not give you the right to reprint the materials or transcribe your audio and resell that.

2. Reprint Rights: Reprint rights give you permission to resell the written content. You can’t modify the content at all, but you can resell it. Sometimes there are clauses that do not permit you to resell the product beyond a certain price point. Make sure you read all the details carefully

3. Master Resell Rights: With master reprint rights you basically have permission to sell the content and you have the right to sell the reprint rights. However, you do not have permission to change the content at all. Once again make sure you read all the conditions yourself because every contract can be different.

4. Private Label Reprint Rights: These are basically the granddaddy of them all. These rights allow you to change the content, rebrand them with your own logos, name, graphics, and turn around and resell the finished product. The only thing you don’t have permission to do is resell the private label reprint rights.

So, that’s a basic breakdown of the major categories of what you would get if you purchased the rights to content. I do want to emphasize that I am not a lawyer and every agreement is unique and different. Therefore you need to read over all the legal stuff before you agree to purchase anything and then start reselling it.

So what are the advantages of doing this?

Well you can get access to good quality content that you can sell right away. Obviously if you purchase any of the rights, we just talked about you will want to read the content and make sure that it is a good quality product. You don t want to be reselling crappy products.

Another advantage to this approach, specifically the private label resell rights, is that you can use the content for a variety of different purposes. This is where the creative imagination really comes into play.  

Here are just 10 examples of what you could use the same content for:

1. Break up the written course into 5-10 different special reports

2. Rework the content into a mini course

3. Chunk up the content up into a whole bunch of articles

4. Break the content up and plug it into an autoresponder series

5. Use the content for teaching material on a teleseminar

6. Use the ebook as a special bonus for an existing package that you have developed.

7. Break the content up into a “tips” series

8. Use the content for teaching material in a seminar

9. Record the written material into an audio product

10. Use the content for a monthly newsletter

High quality content can pay the bills, and possibly make you very wealthy. As they say- “Content is King”, and if you have high quality content, you might just get to live like a King!

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