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20 of My Favorite Quotes From People I Know by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson


20 of My Favorite Quotes From People I Know by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson:

 To all of my friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, advisers, protectors, employers, business partners, associates and etc., both alive and have passed away, that have said one or more of the following quotes that were memorable enough for me to remember them, thank you for spending your time with me, and thank you for wisdom.

1. “I don’t just flirt with success. I bang the shit out of her!” Marcus Jennings  

2. “Don’t ever be double dumb. Too dumb to know that you caused a problem, and too dumb to fix it.” Gina Haspel  

3. “Give it to them straight. Even those who disagree with you will respect the honesty and courage it takes to say what you believe. We’ve pursued a number of controversial things in New York; but by sticking to the facts, we’ve also won a lot of people over.” Michael Bloomberg

4. “I wonder if being a hater is just a phase, or more of a permanent thing? I guess it depends. Either way… waste of time!” Chris Hubbard  

5. “I love vacations and taking it easy. I also love to grow personally and professionally. That is why I work like hell and play like hell. I’m Armying it, by being all that I can be, and I’m Big Lebowskiing it, because I also like to chill. It’s the best place to be at, because it’s the best of both worlds.” Big J. Kosta  

6. “If content is King, then effective communication is either Queen or at the very least a Jack.” Donald Trump, Jr.  

7. “Entrepreneurs, you don’t need to imagine 1000 great ideas. You just need one. You only have to be right/hit the ball once, to have a home run!” J.J. Mendelhaussen  

8. “I’m really just like everyone else, until you make me mad. Then I turn into the girl version of the Incredible Hulk, and unleash havoc on your ass!” Brittany White  

9. “A great future doesn’t require having a great past. I am proof of that.” Marcus Jennings  

10. “I don’t have the cleanest office in the building, but I do have the best office in the building. I got the best office by bringing in money. If you want to make the big bucks, remember this – “There’s only so many hours during the day you can make calls. You can do paperwork and everything else anytime.” Ken Roberts  

11. “So mote it be” (So may it be) – Shirley C. Johnson  

12. “I believe in being an American. Not an American’t, or an Americon.” E. Fanning

13. “When haters knock you down, get back up and say – “You hit like a bitch!” Then do what you gotta do.” Kristi IhaveonenamelikeMadonnabitch  

14. “Living paycheck to paycheck is a now only situation, if you get your shit together, and start doing what you have to do to get shit done.” Natalie Dupont Johnson  

15. “There are 2 ways to have more money. You can either cut back on expenses, or you can make more money and option #2 is definitely the better option.” Dan Denefe  

16. “Talk through the trouble, snuggle when you struggle, kiss the pain away, hug out fear and doubt, have sex when things are a mess, and be ride or die, whether you sink, swim or fly.” Natalie DuPont Johnson

17. “Wrong, right, good, bad. Most things in life are our choice to do or not do. There is power in that. I don’t think most people get how much power they have to improve their lives, but I wish they did.” Pete Dowdle  

18. “If you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, that’s good enough. The approval of others is not necessary.” J.J. Mendelhaussen  

19. “Behind every question, lies an answer, and behind every answer, lies the truth.” Ben Dupont

20. “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Alma Johnson

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