17 Power Selling Phrases You Can Use To Increase Your Sales

When used at the right time, these power selling phrases can be extremely effective!


Using these power selling phrases to make the sale regardless of anything else, is how sales professionals got/get a bad name.

Removing someone’s negative buying perceptions, if your product or service will truly help them, and they are qualified/can afford it, the following power selling phrases are great tools to have in your bag to use.

Where there are blanks, fill in the answer specific to your industry and/or the offer.

1. For a limited time only, _______________.

2. We make it easy to get involved.

3. I will hold your hand every step of the way.

4. If I’m only half right, this is still a huge win!

5. We focus on the best results for our clients.

6. I am about to open up the world of ________________ to you.

7. We focus on long-term relationships.

8. Other people will notice a difference in you after ________________.

9. The owner of my company wants new customers coming in all the time, because that’s how businesses grow. That’s why you are receiving this special offer.

10. Sometimes the best way to get started is dip your toe in the water. Here is how you can do that _________________.

11. Let’s look at how _________________ can improve your life.

12. I pride myself on _________________.

13. If you are only looking for _________________, we are not your company. We focus on complete client solutions and building long-term relationships.

14. Do things always work out for you or are you always this lucky?

15. The______________, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I don’t say that lightly.

16. Not everyone is lucky enough to take advantage of _______________. I am happy for you.

17. The stars just seemed to line up for you on _______________.

“The words we say, determine the price we are paid.” Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – Founder & Owner – Masters of Money, LLC.

The Ultimate Persuasion Technique – https://www.mastersofmoney.com/theultimatepersuasiontechnique/

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