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15 Critic To Doer Translations by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

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It can be hard for the critics and the entrepreneurs/dreamers/doers to understand each other, so I thought it might be a good idea to help translate.

Here are 15 Critic To Doer Translations:

1. He/she talks to himself in the mirror. = Getting mentally prepared to do well when it counts.  

2. He/she is schizophrenic. = Multitasker capable of compartmentalizing.    

3. Nobody but him/her thinks this hairbrained scheme is going to work, but he/she just keeps working on it. = Committed

4. Nobody has ever tried that before, and there is probably a reason. = Thinking outside the box.

5. Why does he/she want to start a business, when he/she could just work at the mill like everyone else? = Not willing to settle for less, when the world is filled with endless possibilities.

6. He/she is crazy! = He/she is more creative/optimistic/forward looking than the haters, so the haters falsely judge him/her.  

7. Why does he/she want to start a business, when he/she could just work at the mill like everyone else? = Not willing to settle for less, when the world is filled with endless possibilities.

8. He/she is anti-social now. He/she never wants to go out anymore. = Staying home to save money, to be able to have money to invest in your business/idea.

9. He/she already works from 9 to 5. Then he/she comes home and works for another 2 hours on this crazy business idea. = Working from 9 to 5 is where you make a living. Working on your business or idea before 9 am or after 5 pm, is where you make your fortune/bring your business or idea to life!

10. He/she has these “epiphanies” where he/she goes on and on about these unrealistic fantasies. = Sharing your passion with people you care about, but who will likely not get it, unless they themselves are of a similar mindset.

11. He/she wastes all this time reading these books about how to become more successful. = Just like you what you put into your body effects your health, what you put into your mind, effects your mind/mindset.

12. Grandiose Ideas = Visionary

13. He/she is so arrogant. He/she said- “I will find a way to make this work, because I am determined.” = You have the right mindset to problem solve and find solutions, so that you can build and grow a successful business.

14. It feels demeaning to me when he/she goes on these rants about what all he/she is going to do. = Sharing your vision with the people you care enough about to share your vision with.

15. He/she always returns to his/her old ways. = Determined to succeed and doesn’t give up easily.

Everyone faces adversity. How you decide to handle it, will have a large impact on what kind of life that you lead.

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