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11 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Sales!

1. Advertise Smart
Smart marketers understand the benefit of trying new advertising methods with a small percentage of their advertising budget. Even if the ads you’re currently running are working, try experimenting with a small percentage of your advertising budget, because who knows, you might just hit an unexpected home run!

2. Reduce & Multiply
Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes quantity is more effective. Try reducing the size of your current ads and running the smaller ads more.

3. Change Things Up
Look at your current ads, and spice them up a bit, to shake things up. Customers can get used to seeing the same old thing all the time. Adding something new, or changing words, colors, or designs, is worth trying from time to time, to get people’s attention.

4. Give’em The Warm Fuzzies
People buy products for the feeling they get from the purchase. How do you feel when you buy a new car? More than likely, you feel excited, proud and anxious to show it off a little bit. Keep in mind these feelings and draw word pictures with your advertisements that will stimulate them. You’ll be surprised at the results you’ll get by encouraging and dramatizing the desires of your customers.

5. Send Them A Postcard
It only takes a minute to read the back of a postcard. Most people are just like you, they’re busy. Regardless of how busy we are, all of us will at least take a look at the postcards in our mail, that are short, clear and concise. Send postcards with short, clear and concise ads to your target audience, and your sales will be very likely to go up.

6. Pay Your Customers To Advertise
Nothing is more effective than word-of-mouth advertising. Your customers can say it better than you could ever say it, so why not let them? Implement a generous rewards program for referrals and watch your sales climb!

7. Say Thank You
It only takes a minute to put a thank you card in the mail to a customer, but the effects of your thoughtful act can create a loyalty that will last a lifetime. Yep, we all like to be appreciated…your customers do too.

8. Sell to Your Current Customers
The idea that sales growth comes from new customers isn’t always true. You can increase sales with your existing customers also. Have you tried offering your existing customers a product that will complement the item that they are buying? What about following up? It’s a lot easier to sell more to your current customers, than it is to get new customers.

9. Combine Items To Make Special Offers
Consumers tend to feel that buying in larger quantities is saving them money. Use that knowledge to your advantage, by grouping items together into a package deal.

10. A Pleasant Surprise
Who doesn’t like a pleasant surprise? We all do, especially after we’ve just made a purchase our conscience is telling us that we shouldn’t have. Do you want to get rid of those after purchase guilt trips for your customers? Then give them a surprise bonus gift when they checkout. They’ll walk away feeling like it was their lucky day, rather than struggling with buyer’s remorse.

11. Limited Time Offers
Put time limits on special offers, to incentivize your customers to act now, rather than later. Let your customers know that they could be losing out, by not taking advantage of your limited time offer now.

How many of these strategies are you using? Try implementing some of these proven strategies, and you’ll probably be very happy that you did. Sometimes it pays to take a look at what you’re doing and take it up a notch. Give these 11 strategies a try and watch your sales skyrocket!

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