10 Google AdSense Money Making Tips

If you haven’t looked into Google AdSense as an income stream for your blog and/or website, you may be missing out on an additional income stream that could be making you a nice monthly income.

Here are 10 Google AdSense Money Making Tips:

1. The larger the website the better. Any website with thousands of pages will receive many more hits from the search engine than a small site.

2. Free content is a great way to go when building a site… articles, books, software and so on.

3. A few inbound links will ensure higher rankings thus bringing in more money every month.

4. Place AdSense on 90% of your pages.

5. Vary the type of AdSense Ads on your pages.

6. Place at least one AdSense ad above the fold on your pages

7. Experiment with pictures above each AdSense ad.

8. Experiment with the ads blending into the page and standing out.

9. Some statistics have shown that the large rectangular AdSense ads get the most clicks.

10. If you’re building a website from scratch do research on the most profitable keywords for your websites topic/niche.

“The answer to ranking well on search engines is the same as it has always been. You can call it keyword optimizing, or search engine optimization, or anything else you want to, but what you are really describing is delivering high quality content, on a consistent basis. The search engines and internet users want to see high quality content consistently. If your website or blog delivers high quality content consistently, sooner or later your website or blog will rank well on search engines, and traffic to your website or blog will increase. Period.”  Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – Founder & Owner – Masters of Money, LLC.

Google AdSense Explained – https://www.mastersofmoney.com/googleadsenseexplained/

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